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Your Health Experience

What is your experience of health? 

What are your terms/definitions of wellness and illness?


As you answer these questions for yourself, let me also ask, what is your standard procedure of care for your experience of health?


When do you notice the first signal of pain? Are you aware of the illness before it becomes apparent? 


In case you haven’t heard, there is a way to deal with the pain before it manifests to the point of conscious experience. Before it is a physical problem, it is also a vibrational problem.


Energy Therapy works with the condition on a vibrational level before the experience of the condition becomes manifested. The energy body is like a blueprint that the physical body follows after. It is like a stream or river that the tree (our physical body) drinks from. Whatever is in that water directly affects the tree.


Energy can influence your experience of health, even unconsciously. Keeping the unconscious in check can greatly improve the conscious experience of your health.


Again, I ask: What is your experience of health?

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