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Monthly Specials


Students can receive one (1) session of their choice for FREE

To book a session for free, please send Amy a photo of your school ID or verification of enrollment for the current semester. Students must be enrolled at a higher institution, tech college, distance learning facility, or online education program supplementing a degree or certification.



Donation December

Non-profits help this world remain in kindness, altruism, and benevolence. By making a donation to a non-profit, you can save 50% on your next therapy session at Transqualia.

Simply email a screenshot or PDF of the receipt of your donation, clearly showing its “501(c)(3)” claim and the recent date of donation. The window for eligible donations is October 1 - December 31. 

Don't know where to donate? See this list of recommended non-profits.





Buy one session at full price in January, get a second session of equal or lesser value in January for free. (Both sessions must be booked within the month of January.)


Birthday Month Specials

Everyone is eligible for a complimentary therapy session during the month of their birthday.

Please contact Amy to schedule a time for your birthday energy therapy.