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Transqualia is the art of changing one's conscious experiences. Even more, Transqualia provides the way of bringing one's unconscious experience to the forefront so that it can be healed.

All of us may have pain stored in the unconscious body that needs healing. Some pain has made its way to the conscious form, by letting us know there is pain undealt with at deeper levels. Pain does not manifest in physical form first; it is an energetic form that is a communicator that alerts us to something wrong. If need be, it can reach the final point within the physical body. Find out more about the levels of unconscious pain here.

At Transqualia, Amy understands the emotional challenges digging deep can bring. Using energy healing therapy, we will get in touch with that deeper source of pain and work with it to provide restoration, healing, and peace.

Book now to experience a deeper transformation on a conscious level. Contact me to set up an appointment.

The Transqualia Team


The first and most important team member of energy healing is Spirit. In every healing session, we work with the Source of energy to restore your whole being. This can manifest in a number of ways, including as a personal message from God to you or intuitive guidance on which methods to include towards your healing. If you do not believe in a God or other Ultimate Being, this role can manifest through love, nature, or another Essence. It is important to note this Character just as much as it is important to note that a car cannot operate without gas/electricity. Without this Source of life, true healing would not exist.


The next most important team member of energy healing is yourself. You are a critical player towards your healing. First, you must truly desire whole healing. The first step is always the hardest, in that you have to make to decision to start the journey. With this decision you will courageously overstep the limitation from fears, boldly accepting a new future for restoration.


And then there is the energy therapist. The therapist is an important character of the healing adventure as well. You can find a healer in any other energetic being, but most are not awakened to this or how to use such a gift. This is why you want someone who knows what they are doing, who has been trained how to use their intuitive, healing nature. Energy therapists are trained to be aware of subtle energies that disturb the health of a multi-dimensional system. The therapist does not actually do the healing; it is because the therapist knows how to listen to the guidance that leads to restoration and is able to be a facilitator of such sacred experiences.



My mission is to compassionately help you grow in awareness and health. 

This comes from seeking out the deepest parts of you, which is energy based, and transforming these places through love.

Ways to Heal at Transqualia

Below is a list of methods and techniques used within a therapy session at Transqualia.

Distance Healing



Mind to Mind