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Your Health Experience

What is your experience of health? 

What are your terms/definitions of wellness and illness?


As you answer these questions for yourself, let me also ask, what is your standard procedure of care for your experience of health?


When do you notice the first signal of pain? Are you aware of t…

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Just Do It (includes reflection exercise)

"Just do it."

We may associate these words with Nike's slogan, but this phrase, in my family, originated from an inspirational cousin. His catch phrase was "Just do it," encouraging everyone he told to put hesitation aside.

Everyone takes a first step at some point, in some way. It is a normal…

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The Energy of Behavior and Speech

Today was a warmer winter day. So I let out my chickens and dogs to play in the yard.

My dog barked. The chickens alarmingly looked up. Then I wondered if different species of animals could understand each other. In a way, after all, don't we understand our own pets, as humans? Sometimes we think…

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What Happens After A Fair?

Previous to a fair, my mental and emotional focus is filled with excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and centering inner work. This is, of course, in addition to any physical materials and layout I need to take care of concerning my table presentation. But what do I do after the fair?


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Healing Doesn't Come From Me

Healing doesn't come from me; I am simply a facilitator for moving energy. It is the body that heals itself.

A person's body is made up of many bodies, actually. The physical body is what we are most familiar with because it is visible. We also have a mental body, astral body, and an etheric body. …

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Pre-Forgiveness: How to Heal Your Heart


Forgiveness is a word we may hear thrown around a lot as an instruction. It’s easier said than done, right? 


We typically see forgiveness as a function of social resolution, to appease a relationship wound or situation. But when I studied the heart chakra of the energy body wit…

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The Process of Facing Fears

People often think of fears as something to avoid. And to be fair, similar situations of discomfort may warrant the same reaction of fear.

A fear is established from a process of our own mind making it a fearful situation. While our mind is taught to think of it in the fearful way that we learn i…

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Why Music Feels So Good

Lately I have been craving more musical meditations and I can tell that it serves a therapeutic purpose. Music has for a long-time presented itself as beneficial for mood changing effects. Music, and even lone sounds, have a direct effect on how we feel.  

Music is quite the aid for changing one…

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What Was 2020 About?

In 2019, I did a meditation where I opened a can of worms: I spent time with my shadow. I thought it would be interesting and a growth opportunity to confront my own shadow and get more familiar with it. Well, it was literally a foreshadowing of what was to come.

October 1, 2019

An event had …

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The Unconscious Levels of Pain

We may be familiar with physical pain, or even emotional pain. Energy healing, however, can reach deeper than these familiar places. Each level is a platform of health and matters to your whole being. Let's go over the more unconscious forms of pain that we can find within ourselves on different lev…

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