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Healing Doesn't Come From Me

Healing doesn't come from me; I am simply a facilitator for moving energy. It is the body that heals itself.

A person's body is made up of many bodies, actually. The physical body is what we are most familiar with because it is visible. We also have a mental body, astral body, and an etheric body. We typically refer to these matters of life as body, mind, heart, and soul. These bodies make up our energetic biofield.

The body is an amazing organism, not only the visible, but including all aspects of our whole self. Every living being is a holistic body containing both an energetic blueprint of wholeness and an intelligent auto-correct mechanism that helps itself get us back to our pristine, energetic blueprint. This is life. Life is healing in action.

I used to work for a garden center, where the owner would speak of a tree he watched nearly his whole life. He remembers, when he was a child, the tree was hit by a car, left a large, noticeable dent in it's trunk, yet it went on to recover, healing its wound. 50 or so years later, I can't even see any marks.

The human body is like any other living organism [tree], thereby also including the inherit wisdom that leads itself back to restorative healing. It is this energy field that restores its master blueprint design. Furthermore, the energy speaks louder than the physical body may seem. A limb amputee will tell you that they are still able to feel their limb; this is because they detect their energy field still within that space. I have also heard of cases where limbs even grow back to fulfill that whole body blueprint.

Just as we grow as a child into this predetermined design, so as conscious beings we are able to return to that design should it be disrupted.

Energy therapy comes into play when there is a disruption within the natural function of the energy, in which the unnatural vibrations of one's energy are not facilitating the natural process of healing. This is where human will comes into play. Sometimes we tend to hold onto baggage in order (in hopes) to process the disruption further. Mental or emotional processes are helpful, which is why psychology has played a critical role in health management. Whether its conscious or unconscious, intentional or accidental, we hold onto things until we are ready to let them go and let healing flow.

Not everyone is able to just let something go; some may even question, "what do I need to let go?" Don't get me wrong: I have been able to work with persons who may have been closed at the beginning of the session, but then later their energy allowed healing in. Patience and acceptance of the current open/closed energy state is very important and goes a long way.

In my experience as an energy therapist, I notice the ease and flow when someone is open to their energy being restored to balance and when they are not ready. Usually this openness is most noticeable in pets, who tend to be open for healing changes, or in clients who are asleep during the session. I have had a session in which the client fell asleep, but that was probably even better in this regard for two reasons: first, the more rest the better, and secondly, energy manipulation bypasses the conscious experience [i.e. will, emotions] and goes straight to the unconscious [i.e. natural design instinct]. Clients who are open and ready for the energy changes often experience easier or quicker restoration, or at least the session seems to flow nicer.

Working with the energy, I am able to undo any knots, salve any wounds, exit any negative vibrations, etc. This work itself is not the healing; this work helps to restore a natural balance and flow within the energy field so that the body's own wisdom and design will continue to restore its health, which is a natural process.

I believe in the body's perfect intelligent ability to bring a person back to good health on any level - physically, emotionally, spiritually. Disruptions, whether external or internal, take a toll on our holistic bodies, just like when the car hit and damaged the tree in the example above. Needless to say, with time, the restorative efforts of the tree's natural ability to heal itself brought back its wholeness. Just as so, with energy therapy eliminating any disruptions in the energy field, the same restorative efforts can bring back a wholeness in any person's life.

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