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Who Is Amy Hunt?

Amy Hunt earned a Bachelors in Psychology, but shortly after graduating realized there was a deeper reality beyond the psyche that she sought. She found it was called spirit. 

As a self-published author and facilitator of groups, discussions, and workshops, Amy carries a passion to help others become aware of something deeper, to connect with that which is calling us from inside. Certified as an Energy Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health Practitioner, Amy wants to work with you to become the whole being you are meant to be.

Amy's primary interests revolve around subjects that involve spirituality. She writes a blog on such subjects at and tweets deeper than average thoughts about spiritual reality. In all Amy says and does, her first desire is that the recipient will awaken to their whole being, being aware of their soul and their existence beyond the physical.


Spiritual Background

Amy was raised in a pentecostal church (Assembly of God) and always impressed her teachers and peers with extended knowledge of the Bible. Her mother was and is a fervent prayer warrior, which may have served as the first continual inspiration to grow as a spiritual being. The concept of the spiritual realm and activities therein were always very real to Amy, even at a young age, but became more engaging as Amy progressed into young adulthood.

Amy explored spiritual traditions in other religions and found that almost all of humanity (despite religious differences) believes in the same general concepts: spiritual life, eternity, divine beings, morality, etc. These foundational principles quickly became the starting post for Amy's spiritual awakening and journey, the initiation of her true purpose. You can find her journey's deeper thoughts at

Her current set of beliefs reflect her strength and knowledge in the Christian language and tradition, yet she honors/respects any spiritual walk of life that is healthy for the soul. She is now working on re-understanding Biblical teachings and prophecies through a wholly spiritual lens (not religious). In session, Amy may reference the Divine domain/beings in many ways, as they appear to her, including angels, lights, natural symbols, or other neutral references of energy bodies.


Energy Therapy Practitioner, 2021
Holistic Arts Institute

Holistic Health Practitioner, 2021
Holistic Arts Institute

Bachelor of Psychology, 2010
Sam Houston State University

Fun Facts

I am a water element and loving it.

My favorite food is cheese and favorite drink is Root Beer/Sassafras Tea.

I am ambidextrous and can write backwards.

Currently reading:
- Liberating Power of Emotions: Understanding Our Emotional Purpose and Power by Reit Okken. Published 2012 by Ozark Mountain Publishing