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What Was 2020 About?

In 2019, I did a meditation where I opened a can of worms: I spent time with my shadow. I thought it would be interesting and a growth opportunity to confront my own shadow and get more familiar with it. Well, it was literally a foreshadowing of what was to come.

October 1, 2019

An event had occurred that spurred my clairsentience (intuition) to alarm me that the can of worms had been opened. I didn't have the best feeling about things to come. I felt as though I awakened a monster doing some shadow work. 

To make a point though, what is shadow work about anyway? It is about opening that can of worms and dealing with the darkness that is there.

For many in 2020, life was about job security, financial stability, and maintaining health. For me, it was about finding my life mission. It was hard to navigate at some points, beyond tears, shaking, calling shots, quitting my job willingly and moving during a pandemic, etc. Perhaps it was time that God guided me in this way to allow pursuing my calling.

For years, I had known there was something I was called to do, but didn't realize what it was. Indeed, I was even under the impression the career didn't even exist yet. Without a job nor a goal in mind, I was able to actually take the time to listen. 2020 was my opportunity to listen closely and redirect my pursuits toward my life calling. 

Though it is hard to imagine that 2020 brought benefits, this was probably due to a number of reasons: not being tuned in to the flow of divine guidance, not ready or willing to take that step that it called us to take, inability to listen within the heart, and so forth . 

Take a moment to consider what happened in 2020 for yourself.

  • What was life like before 2020?
  • What changed in 2020?
  • How did these changes affect you? 
  • What was stirring inside you subtly?
  • What were you being called to change or do?
  • What opportunities were you provided?
  • Do you regret not taking any opportunities?

In 2020, all of our lives changed. I firmly believe that 2020 was the year to face shadows, grow up, and realize there is more to life than the 9-5 workload. It was a reminder that there is something more that we need to pay attention to and merge with. For those who followed the guidance, we were guided into the what was unfathomable before 2020.

  • What challenges arose?
  • How did you grow?
  • How are you different today than in 2019?

Opportunities for growth will come and go. The opportunities that were brought to global awareness in 2020 was a massive call for waking up. Are you awake yet?

If not, and you feel stuck in your growth, I encourage you to seek out counsel. Counsel in this regard comes in many ways, one of which is energy healing. Shifting stuck energies within your subtle energy bodies can cause things to adjust and manifest as needed for your healing. If you seek a deeper level of healing, a shift in awareness, or even a chronic energy adjustment, please consider booking an appointment with Transqualia.

Your soul's health depends on this simple step.

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