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Informed Consent

Informed Consent and Agreement  
Amy Hunt is excited to engage in the healing journey with you. As a certified Energy Therapy Practitioner, she requests acknowledgment of the following.  

Nature of Energy Work  
Energy Therapy uses the energy field as the source and catalyst for healing. This means that you (client) may feel very subtle feelings in your body. Healing energy can be infused in therapy using various methods including intuitive guidance, sound, light, healing touch, and more.  
Energy healing can act as a catalyst for post-session detox. The cleansing can manifest in various ways. After the session, it is recommended that you (client) get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water to replenish the energy used during the session(s).  

It is of utmost importance that you (client) feel comfortable in each and every session. If for any reason you are not comfortable during the session, please notify Amy Hunt of such concerns. For this purpose, it is important to note that any information shared on any form will be held confidential by the therapist and may be uploaded into third party systems (i.e., client data software). General content of therapy may be discussed with colleagues for the purpose of professional growth; content of therapy will never be shared in presence with your identity. Certain exceptions to this clause include legal obligations, such as reporting abuse. You acknowledge that all information shared pertaining to the therapy is voluntary. 

EMPA Insured 
Amy Hunt is insured by the Energy Medicine Professional Association to conduct energy therapy sessions. You (client) agree to fully release and hold harmless Unconscious Passions LLC, dba 

Transqualia and Amy Hunt, from any and all liability claims arising from the therapy session except those that qualify as general malpractice or gross negligence claims.  


Voluntary Notes  
Healing sessions are completely voluntary by both client and therapist. Amy reserves the right to refuse any healing practice at any time, with or without reason. You (client) may be asked to provide feedback privately or publicly. It is completely up to you (client) whether to provide feedback or not and what content you (client) decide to share. By signing this form, you acknowledge and consent to the above.  

Please acknowledge the above by submitting the form below. You may download or print this page for your records.

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