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Why Music Feels So Good

Lately I have been craving more musical meditations and I can tell that it serves a therapeutic purpose. Music has for a long-time presented itself as beneficial for mood changing effects. Music, and even lone sounds, have a direct effect on how we feel.  

Music is quite the aid for changing one's mood. It is well known that music has been used as an aid to enhance certain feelings throughout the centuries. Next time you watch a movie and it plays some epic, build-up music, pay attention to how you felt just before that scene and how you might feel watching the same scene without hearing the music. Even King Saul knew the magic in plucking a string, as he frequently requested David's musical skills to calm his terrors. Rituals of drum circles are known to sometimes carry attendees into trance-like states. Musical meditation recordings commonly involve different frequencies that coordinate with the chakras. 

Now, how is it that music or even just sound can exhibit such magical effects? Simply put, it is due to the combination of the vibration at its frequency. When a vibration is produced, the energy that produced such vibration is carried on a wave that we commonly measure as a frequency. Vibration is simply the occurrence of energy moving or traveling.

Every one of us - whether we can audibly hear or not - can pick up vibrations on different frequencies (but not all/infinite frequencies). Just like an FM radio can pick up vibrations at frequencies between 87 and 107, we also pick up vibrations with our ears, which we understand as sound. 

We either will like or not like each sound, frequency, or musical tone as we hear it, just like we all have different favorite genres of music. One might prefer classical music and another might prefer hard rock. Each vibrates at a different frequency and that frequency makes us feel good or can relieve us of momentary stress. Music has life-sustaining properties, as Dr. Emoto found in his research, placing musical vibrations in the environment of water and collecting the crystals from that water. Seeing that us humans are made up of over 70% water, it goes to show that our feelings and moods will vibrate along with the music we let it hear.

There is a certain musical artist whose voice resonates so much with me, it pulls me out of my shell and invites me to listen deeper. I once asked a friend why I feel a powerful energy within myself that I cannot explain. My friend explained simply because she sings at a frequency that resonates with a specific chakra area. 

Chakras are wheels (or I like to think of them as portals) of energy. Each chakra owns a specific frequency and it respectively increases as you go up the chakra system. Because music vibrates at its specific frequencies, you are able to resonate with its vibrations upon hearing it. However, we don't always resonate with all types or sounds. 

Sound emits vibrations and it brings our energy into balance according to those vibrations. Sounds occur as vibrations that can move energy. When there is stagnant, stubborn, or otherwise "ill" energy, sound/musical vibrations help by vibrating the area needing healing. Often times I will feel led to make a humming sound during therapy as a temporary agent of vibration. The sound reaches the area in need of attention and the energy in that area becomes in sync with the sound's vibration. When both the client's energy in the area of attention and the sound being made reach a harmony, things start to feel better. The magic of sound has affected the "ill" energy just because energy can be melded by its environmental vibrations.

The magical moment is when harmony happens between the energy outside and the energy inside. We often times feel these "good vibes" and understand it as resonating within us. To say something resonates with you literally means that the energy of the stimulus and your energy within is in harmony. This is why music/sound can be healing: it brings our energy to a state of harmony. Both inner and outer worlds are at a balance. 

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