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What Happens After A Fair?

Previous to a fair, my mental and emotional focus is filled with excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and centering inner work. This is, of course, in addition to any physical materials and layout I need to take care of concerning my table presentation. But what do I do after the fair?

Essentially, after the "high" of the weekend experience, I take care of a few wrap-ups. This usually includes uploading new contact information, sending instructions on how to book a session, letting loose and relaxing (me time), and following through on pet therapy requests that were made at the fair.

It isn't at all exhausting after a fair, like some may think. In fact, I benefit too from a refreshing feeling once I come out of most energy work sessions. Another energy worker and I were discussing this fact, and is common throughout our work. We are lightworkers, and our burden is light (-Jesus, Matthew 11:30). Nevertheless, I take it easy the day or two after the fair by not overdoing my to-do list for the day.

Generosity and gratefulness can go a long way. I thank God for the help I received, any new information, for the acquaintances and friends I met there, and for any income I received from doing this service of energy work. In this way, I expand my heart to be and remain open towards humility and forward flow and abundance. I remember I am at service for those who need my services going forward.

Mentally, I review any changes I would like to make with my presentation at the table. Sometimes at fairs, I may take notes on ideas that come to me, whether they are inspired by interactions at my table or from others' booths. I take notes on what works between prospective clients and my services and make the changes before the next fair.

In my last fair, I reviewed my energy levels of openness towards potential clients. Sunday morning was filled with back to back sessions, which caused me to need a break for the sake of [mentally] processing the events of the morning. My mind basically needed to play a little bit of catch-up and had not had the chance. With my back against the wall and both feet on the floor, I was able to find my grounding quickly. Later I surmised that my energy had "put up a wall" from being overstimulated. I was aware of this "wall" once I drew away and was ready to tell any prospective client to wait before I agreed to a new session. But what I realized later was, indeed, that wall was energetically present enough for others to sense this too. My lesson from this fair was about remaining open and closed energetically, as needed, and reviewing the behaviors and conversations of the different people who came across my table. Such a profound discovery this was for myself as a entrepreneur and therapy practitioner.

For those who share contact information on the Sign-In sheet, I send a follow-up email regarding any coupons they won (I ensure everyone wins a coupon). This is a short and sweet email that gives step-by-step instructions on how to book their first session at a discounted rate.

And, well, I continue my day-to-day life as a beginner homesteader (aka multi-pet-mama-gardener) and also inspired to look for the next fair.

Thanks for reading! Blessings!


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