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The Energy of Behavior and Speech

Today was a warmer winter day. So I let out my chickens and dogs to play in the yard.

My dog barked. The chickens alarmingly looked up. Then I wondered if different species of animals could understand each other. In a way, after all, don't we understand our own pets, as humans? Sometimes we think we know what they are saying, right? And perhaps other times not.

I started wondering if the chickens understood the dog's barking as a form of communication. If so, how does that work? Is it energy based communication?

My theory here is that any energetic being can understand the energy of another energetic being, and of course, on an energetic level.

The split second between the alarming signal in the brain and the neuro-messenger that catalyzes barking is the moment of awareness I want to pay attention to here. Just when we sense a thought, an awareness of something not already ongoing, the energy shifts. Because our awareness changes, our energy follows. At least that is my experience as an empath; and to some degree, we all share our own measure of empathy.

The moment my dogs barked, it was like my chickens understood the dog's communication - but my chickens don't bark, of course. Instead, the chickens followed likewise behavior of looking up and being alert. If you have chickens, you are aware how quickly they can change from relaxed to alert.

It occurred to me though, that behavior and speech are really the same thing. I have worked with kids on the spectrum as an ABA technician. Behavior seems to be the primary method of communicating what they need. Even so, infants communicate their needs by behavior before they are able to speak words. Do you remember feeling a certain way when you were a child and not being able to communicate it, or didn't have words for it? And circling back to pets, as an owner of so many wonderful, furry and feathery pets, indeed, animals do communicate their needs via behavior and their own forms of speech.

This communication, whether it is behavioral or spoken, derives from an energy base. You may be familiar with the psyche; it is the self - specifically, the mental-self. Patterns of energetic schemes are learned from previous experiences (manifested by electrical neurons in the brain). From these schemes we develop and transform that energy into meaningful ways of communicating, if applicable/necessary. Meaningful ways of communicating include behavior or speech. This is the method of how awareness, and thus energy, is transformed into communication.

Moreover, if we, as humans, listen to the energy of their communication, we can begin to hear their message. Tuning into the energy is what I do as an Energy Therapy Practitioner.


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