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Just Do It (includes reflection exercise)

"Just do it."

We may associate these words with Nike's slogan, but this phrase, in my family, originated from an inspirational cousin. His catch phrase was "Just do it," encouraging everyone he told to put hesitation aside.

Everyone takes a first step at some point, in some way. It is a normal process of living. First step is the first sign of process, of something new, of growth. Growth - graduation, birthday, ringing the bell - is what we celebrate. Celebrations are what connects us as real beings, in every culture. Every celebration began with its first step.

We may set New Year's resolutions, intentions, words, or phrases to inspire and ignite change within our being. (Plus, there is much collective energy forwarding the decision around this time, as it is on the global mind.) This step is a mental first step for the year.

What are the ways you plan to enact change in 2023? What are the ways you are enacting change in your life right now? Are the answers the same or different? Where are you on your path? If needed, draw yourself (stick figure will do) on a path and label the milestones along the path in position to where you are now.

The mental intention and the emotional doing are different steps, to be fair. There are certain things we have the intention of doing, but the first step can be emotional. The words, "just do it," remind us to take the plunge without hesitating anymore. It reminds us to trust, to let go. Just doing something gets you past the first step without getting lost in the emotional part. Don't get me wrong, I value the presence of emotion, but it can get in the way.

What are you waiting or hesitant to do? On a scale of 0-10, how hesitant are you? Write out (pen and paper) the reasons and emotions associated with the first step. Are they practical or are they distracting?



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